Ju-Jitsu Gradings

We hold gradings twice a year for students to take part in and prove their proficiency in our Ju-Jitsu syllabus. Gradings are invite-only, based on a student’s attendance and current skill level.

Start Your Journey To Become A Black Belt

At Leigh Ju-Jitsu, we hold practical gradings for students to prove their knowledge, understanding, and skillset to move up a grade. This is reflected by the belt system we follow.

All beginner students start off with a white belt. With each grading successfully passed, the student will move up the belt rankings. Depending on whether the student is a junior (mon) or adult (kyu), the Japanese rankings are as follows:

  • White (9th mon/kyu)
  • Yellow (8th mon/kyu)
  • Orange (7th mon/kyu)
  • Green (6th mon/kyu)
  • Blue (5th mon/kyu)
  • Purple (4th mon/kyu)
  • Purple/White (3rd mon/kyu)
  • Brown (2nd mon/kyu)
  • Brown/White (1st mon/kyu)
  • Black (1st Dan)

It takes at least 5 years to get to black belt from being a complete beginner.

A period of 12 months minimum must be left between brown/white and black belt grading. Sensei Alan will inform you when you’re ready to take your black belt grading.

A black belt grading is a practical exam like the rest of the gradings, but the student must also provide a written essay on the history of Ju-Jitsu and their hopes and aspirations. They must also perform a weapon kata as part of their grading.

If a junior student grades to black belt level, they will gain a cadet black belt. Upon their 16th birthday, they will have a limited time to grade again to reach adult 1st Dan status.

Kids Black Belt Gradings

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