Kids Ju-Jitsu Classes

Our kids Ju-Jitsu classes in Leigh are held twice weekly. These classes are perfect for youngsters aged 5+ to provide them with self defence skills and improve their fitness.

Kids Self Defence Classes in Leigh

Taught by Sensei Alan Francis (6th Dan) and assisted by Sensei Carolanna Crook (2nd Dan), our kids Ju-Jitsu self defence classes in Leigh are the perfect choice for boosting the self-confidence of your child.

With bullying unfortunately still rampant inside and outside of school, it’s important that your child has the skills to protect themselves should they need to.

We teach the junior students a range of techniques from our Japanese Ju-Jitsu and self defence syllabus so that they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge of how to defend themselves from different attacks and grabs.

Our kids martial arts classes are delivered in a fun and pro-active way as to keep their minds engaged. We encourage their solo development as well as their ability to work with others, with many of the students improving their confidence and social skills over the years training with us.

Ju-Jitsu is an ideal way to get your kids off the mobile, tablet and computer screens and doing something that will improve their health and fitness as well as providing them with life skills.

We also offer grading opportunities for the students so they can work towards getting their cadet black belt, though this is completely optional.

Both Sensei Alan and Sensei Carolanna are DBS-checked, insured instructors with child safety and safeguarding training. Parents are also welcome to stay and spectate during classes in the reception which has a full view of the matted training area.

Kids Class Timetable

Wednesday –  6pm to 7.15pm
Friday – 7.45pm to 9pm
Suitable for kids aged 5+. Teenagers may be more suited to our adults class.
Cost: £5 per child per lesson

Kids Ju-Jitsu Classes Leigh

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What Does A Kids Ju-Jitsu Class Entail?

Kids Class Warmup Breakfalls


Warming up our muscles at the start of the class is important to ensure we don’t strain or pull any muscles later on in the lesson.

Our warm ups are structured to improve both cardiovascular fitness and physical fitness, and are often based around practical techniques we use in class, such as breakfalls and our atemi strikes.

To inject a bit of fun into the warm ups, we often involve team games or ball tig which involves running and different core exercises, such as press-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.

Breakfall practice is another key warmup routine as it helps to drill the various ways of falling on the mat safely. As many of our techniques involving being thrown or taken down, it’s important that our junior students know how to land properly to prevent injury.

Kids Ju-Jitsu Techniques


The core part of the lesson is where the kids learn how to do a few of our Ju-Jitsu techniques. This includes defending from a punch, grab or strangle, and then performing a throw or takedown. The kids will learn how to defend from lapel grabs, grabs from in front and behind, punches, and even weapon attacks (using soft rubber knives – though this is for older junior students).

Most of the throws and takedown techniques we teach incorporate a block, parry, break, slip or dodge of the attack, before following up with strikes to the head or body.  But that’s not all! Once taken down, we make sure that the opponent is finished on the ground too, whether that’s with a strike or a submission.

The techniques we practice come from our Japanese Ju-Jitsu syllabus and are adapted to the age and level of the students in attendance. Whilst many of our techniques are suitable for all to learn, sometimes we will show simpler moves to the younger and inexperienced students to help build their confidence, whilst the higher level belts will be given a more challenging technique.

Kids BJJ Grappling

Back-To-Back Grappling (Newaza)

Starting with their back against their partner’s, our submission grappling rounds are a great way for the kids to get used to wrestling with an opponent.

In the back-to-back grappling, they can use pin downs to pin their opponent to the mat, and some basic submissions, such as juji gatame armbars. Higher level junior students may be encouraged to try more advanced submissions they have learned, such as achilles leg locks and triangles.

Also referred to as BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, grappling is a fantastic way of understanding and learning how to deal with somebody else’s pressure and body positioning.

The youngsters will learn how to control their opponent and get into different positions, such as full mount, half guard, full guard, side control and kesa gatame (scarf hold). 

Kids Performing Flying Kicks

Flying Kicks

One of our students’ favourite parts of the lesson is when we pull out the crash mat for them to practice flying kicks.

This is usually done at the end of a lesson, and involves the student running from one end of the mat to the other, where an adult instructor will be holding a focus mitt target for the junior student to kick.

As the mitt is held out at height, the students must jump as they approach to try and kick the mitt whilst the crash mat will soften their landing.

The kids have tremendous fun practising their flying kicks… and so do the adults!