About Leigh Ju-Jitsu

Established in 1998, Leigh Ju-Jitsu is a long-standing martial arts club that is dedicated to providing men, women and children with the skills to defend themselves.

Origins of the Club

Sensei Alan Francis started running his own Ju-Jitsu club at King’s Park Christian Centre (formerly Leigh C. of E. High School) at Howe Bridge, Atherton in 1993, before making the move to the Back Findlay Street dojo in 1998 – the place where Leigh Ju-Jitsu was born!

The dojo itself has a long history of being used as a martial arts training facility, from karate to judo. Though once upon a time it was a pub!

Since 1998, the Back Findlay Street gym has been home to the Self Defence Studio, which hosts both Leigh Ju-Jitsu and Jaguar Thai Boxing.

For over 30 years, Sensei Alan has taught kids and adults his own adaptation of the WJJF Atemi ju-Jitsu art he studied. By introducing padwork to the training and refining the art to improve its practicality on the street, Sensei Alan has dedicated over three decades to teaching this effective self defence system.

Whether you’re looking to learn a martial art, learn self defence skills, improve your fitness or make new friends, Leigh Ju-Jitsu welcomes all.

In addition to our matted training area, we have separate male and female changing rooms, a reception area where parents can stay and spectate during classes, and toilet facilities.

Carolanna performing padwork at Leigh Ju-Jitsu

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