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Leigh Ju-Jitsu is a self defence martial arts club in Leigh, specialising in the fighting style of Japanese Ju-Jitsu under the instruction of head coach and owner, Sensei Alan Francis (6th Dan).

Japanese Ju-Jitsu in Leigh

If you’re looking to study martial arts in Leigh, then Japanese Ju-Jitsu is a perfect, all-round martial art style to consider learning.

Japanese Ju-Jitsu is a practical, close combat self defence system which was used in feudal Japan by samurai warriors. They learned Ju-Jitsu so that, in the event they lost their weapons on the battlefield, they were still able to effectively fight unarmed against their armed and armoured foes.

The style that we practice at our martial arts club in Leigh is known as Atemi Ju-Jitsu. Atemi, meaning striking, is integral to our training system, which also includes throws, takedowns, joint locks, chokes and strangles, and submission grappling.

At Leigh Ju-Jitsu, we take pride in teaching effective self defence methods from a variety of attacks to prepare our students and equip them with the skills to defend themselves.

With both kids and adults martial arts classes available at our club, we can cater for men, women and children who wish to improve their fitness and self defence skills.

We’re situated just off Railway Road in Leigh, which means we’re only 5 minutes walk from Leigh bus station. If you’re coming by car, we’re just off Atherleigh Way bypass – easy to get to for those looking for martial arts in Tyldesley, Atherton, Westhoughton, Lowton and Golborne who don’t want to travel too far.

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What We Do At Leigh Ju-Jitsu

You may be wondering what Japanese Ju-Jitsu actually entails? Here’s what you can expect to learn at Leigh Ju-Jitsu.

Throws & Takedowns

Throws & Takedowns

Newaza Grappling - BJJ

Newaza (Grappling)

Joint Locks

Joint Locks




Striking (Sparring & padwork)

Weapons Kata


Why Should You Learn Ju-Jitsu?

Ju-Jitsu Leigh

Get Fit

Lose Weight

Improve Your Self Confidence

Make New Friends

Learn Vital Self Defence Skills

Learn An Historical, Practical Martial Art

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